Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification

Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification

The word ‘Pandemic’ become common after Covid-19, but there are a lot of other common diseases which are considered to be Pandemic, but we never gave much importance to it. Yes, Lifestyle diseases are considered to be the biggest pandemic as it is found that more than 80% of death after 40 years of age, happening worldwide is due to one or the other lifestyle diseases. The best way to get rid of this problem is PREVENTION. Yes, we must start to focus on prevention, rather than just clinical solutions which are not only costly in the long run but also ends up with other diseases as complications. As the name “LIFESTYLE DISEASES’ suggests, the best way to keep this menace at bay is ‘LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS’. We know that each individual is different from genetics of cellular level to external features to his way of living. Thus the lifestyle modifications will also be individualized or personalized. Here, Vieroots stands for Highly PERSONALIZED LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS using genetics, medical science and artificial intelligence to solve this big problem of mankind, with great precision.

Why we use Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the science which deals with the heritable changes that happening in the gene, but outside the DNA, and does not deals with the changes happening in the DNA sequence. Epigenetic change is a regular and natural occurring phenomenon, but can also be influenced by several factors including one’s lifestyle and environment. Since, lifestyle factors affects you at cellular level and inturn affects your genetic level, without addressing the problem at its minute level, ie Epigenetically, it is difficult reach a permanent solution for this

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How can you do this EPLIMO process for a better version of you?

EPLIMO process

You should take a VIEGENOME test, which is the most comprehensive genetic predisposition test available in the world which analyses more than 200 different health parameters. A genetic predisposition test is very easy to do. All that Vieroots requires is a saliva sample. Once you purchase the EPLIMO for our website, you will get the saliva collection kit by post/by representatives. You need to collect your saliva sample, which is an easy process and need to send it to Vieroots and the sample will be analysed in our advanced genetic laboratory.

Also, you need to download our app “EPLIMO” from playstore/appstore and need to fill a metabolic analysis questionnaire. The results of genetic predisposition test and metabolic analysis will be interpreted using AI and recommends solutions for you, in which the experts in nutrigenomics, genetics and medical science are there in backend.

How an EPLIMO can help me?

A Genetic Predisposition analysis can identify the risk factors in your body related to your overall wellbeing. It can range from the nutrients you need to the exercise you should avoid..!
The following examples of EPLIMO journey will help you to understand this.




EPLIMO is the worlds most advanced and comprehensive Lifestyle modification plan to lead a healthy, disease free life. It helps you to perform at your peak level at all areas in your life even after you add half a century years to your life.

  • Cost-Effective and easy to use
  • 200 plus health parameters are checkedreports on 1,000 snips (genetic variants)
  • Highly personalized nutrition and exercise plans
  • Use your genetic make-up to meet your health goals




You take a VIEGENOME test which is a highly comprehensive genetic predisposition test, which analyses hundreds of critical health conditions which can lead to life threatening lifestyle diseases in future. This is a 'Do It Yourself' test using saliva samples, which can be done from the comfort of your home.



Download the EPLIMO app and undergo a Detailed Metabolic Analysis



Receive your Report followed by detailed Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Plan created by our panel of Doctors, Geneticists, Nutritionists and Fitness experts.