Good nutrition for some people may be toxic for others.

Design your personalized diet.

Some exercises build some people, but same exercises may break others.

Design your own fitness program

What is Personalized Lifestyle Management?

Personalized Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management encompasses all the factors, which have direct or indirect impact on your lifestyle; ie Diet/nutrition, Fitness/exercise and even Meditation. However, we all have been following very generalized diet and fitness plans. Atkins diet, Paleo diet, Keto diet, High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIITS) etc have been trends in wellness during different periods and people used to follow. While some people got results, majority got disappointed and few even got negative results. Why? Because we forget the fact that we all are unique. Genetic and metabolic profiles of two persons are never the same. That is what Hypocrites said ‘One person’s food can be another person’s poison.’

To get desired outcome the only option is high levels of ‘Personalization.’ Personalized diet plans, personalized fitness plans and even customized meditations and yoga. Good news; now it is possible. Using the proprietory Geno-metabolic assessment, Vieroots is providing you a highly Personalized Lifestyle Modification Plan based on Epigenetic science, which is called ‘EPLIMO.’




  • Viegenome Test

  • Metabolic Assessment

  • EPLIMO app

  • Geno-metabolic report

  • EPLIMO Recommedations

  • EPLIMO Coaching

When you started your life as a single cellular zygote in your mother’s womb, you had 23 pairs of chromosomes, contributed by your parents. These chromosomes contain DNA comprising of Genes. The chain of cell divisions starting with this one cell resulted in the trillions of cells you have now. However all the cells carry the same genes. Genes carry information, and based on this information only, you got developed till now. There is information about how your body responds to various nutrients, medicines and exercise too. If your food or exercise doesn’t resonate with the stored information, some or other lifestyle diseases can express, as they are also coded in your genes. When you do a genetic profiling you would be able decode all these information. As these coding in genes cannot be changed; the only thing you can do is prevent the expressions of diseases by making modifications in your lifestyle. This process is called Epigenetics. EPLIMO is Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification.


Why do I need EPLIMO?

If you have an objective to live longer, that too with absolute health, energy and productivity, you need to go for Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification. Average life expectancy is increasing every day. Means, more people are living for more years. However, the question is, whether the life getting extended or the death getting extended. Being diabetic at the age of 50, getting a heart attack at 55 and still living till 100 years can be considered as longer lifespan. But here it is death, not health got extended. EPLIMO helps you to have the same productivity and energy levels in your 80s as you are having in your 30s or 40s.

How can I benefit from EPLIMO?

  • • You will get a detailed geno-metabolic report, which will have all your genetic and metabolic information.
  • • You will get answers to many unresolved health challenges and also indication about the possible health challenges.
  • • You will get a highly personalized and Lifestyle management plan including your own diet and fitness plans.
  • • The AI powered EPLIMO app becomes your health companion
  • • Your entire health/medical history can be stored in this app
  • • Medical and wellness practitioners on your fingertip, as the app has a medical practitioners network.

How do I start my EPLIMO journey?




You take a VIEGENOME test which is a highly comprehensive genetic predisposition test, which analyses hundreds of critical health conditions which can lead to life threatening lifestyle diseases in future. This is a ‘Do It Yourself’ test using saliva samples, which can be done from the comfort of your home.



Download the EPLIMO app and undergo a Detailed Metabolic Analysis.



Receive your Report followed by detailed Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification Plan created by our panel of Doctors, Geneticists, Nutritionists and Fitness experts.

Know The EPLIMO Journey

You start your Personalised Lifestyle Modification journey by undergoing a Viegenome genetic test and a Metabolic assessment using the EPLIMO app. Our expert geneticists and doctors analyse your report and provide you highly Personalized lifestyle management including, what food to eat and what to avoid, which nutritional supplements to consume, which type of exercises that suits your genetic profile, which ones work against your health so on and so forth. These are called Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications (EPLIMO). Your EPLIMO becomes the operating manual for your health, which helps you to plan and manage your lifestyle to live a healthy long life. Create your own Personalised Operating Manual RIGHT NOW.


Restart The New Version of Your Life Now

EPLIMO Process

Viegenome Test

One of the most comprehensive genetic tests to identify the genetic profile in terms of response to nutrients, exercise, medications etc. The test also gives insights about the lifestyle diseases you are predisposed to. You just need to provide 2 ml of your saliva for this test; that too can be done at the convenience of your home. We will send you the sample collection kit and collect back without you taking any hassle.

Metabolic Assessment

This comprehensive online assessment provides you details about your present health conditions.


One of the most advanced Health tech apps. In addition to carrying the geno-metabolic report, the app also generates Lifestyle modification recommendations using Artificial Intelligence. Eplimo app becomes your perfect health companion because of the following features.

You can store your entire health data (health history) in the app. Hence your health data always moves with you. You can access medical/wellness practitioners connected with EPLIMO, anywhere you go.

EPLIMO recommendation

Based on the geno-metabolic assessment, with the support of AI, our medical and genetic experts generate a highly personalized Lifestyle Modification recommendation, which will become an operating manual for your future life. The EPLIMO recommendation will include what to eat, what not to eat, which supplements to consume; which ones to avoid, what types of exercises will fit you, which ones will damage you, so on and so forth.

EPLIMO Coaching

If you require a Lifestyle Coach to help you to implement these recommendations in your life. we do have certified Lifestyle Coaches. They would hand hold you and work closely with you to achieve the desired health goals.

Start your EPLIMO journey now

The My Eplimo App is a complete biohacking ecosystem for all your health and wellness related issues. The app offers a wide array of services & support like personalized geno-metabolic analysis, health progress graph, epigenetic lifestyle modification recommendations and monitoring, and access to wellness experts.

What Our Partners Say?

Dr George Chandy Matteethra

Director and CEO,
Believers Church Medical College & Hospital

Dr Geomcy George

Special Executive Officer, Head of Oncology,
Believers Church Medical College & Hospital

Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification

  • Viegenome genetic test
  • Online Metabolic assessment
  • Viegenome Report
  • EPLIMO recommendations
  • Most advanced EPLIMO app
  • Health data storage
  • Connectivity to Practitioners
  • Support of Lifestyle Coach (optional)
  • Free membership to Superhuman community